Vladislav Delay – Naima (2001)


„Das hier ist Live-Mix und Soundmaterial von Luukas Onnekas aus dem Ars Elektronica Klangpark vom September letzten Jahres aus Linz. Im “Museum of the Future” ertönten seine “Improvisational Soundfields” mit Gedanken über Kunst, Selbst und Konstruktion, was man als ein verdichtetes Logbuch seiner Sound-Expedition verstehen kann. Ein sehr tiefes, fließendes und aber auch experimentelles Sound-Design erforscht das Ohr und macht den Weg frei für neue Projektionsflächen.“ (http://de-bug.de/reviews/14671.html)

„Recorded at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria last September, Luukas Onnekas was one of the chosen to fill the OMV Klangpark near the Danube with live sound over six days.  This disc compiles highlights into a single 42 minute track.  Onnekas is most likely using material from last year’s „Anima“ as a starting point, restructuring it on the fly as the remixed title „Naima“ suggests.  Add to this Onnekas‘ own words, lyrics from his house project Luomo (see also „Vocalcity“) and an art mission statement of sorts, recited in foreign accented English by his girlfriend.  Fascinated by femininity, who better to help him express this?  But the most telling line, „I’m unable to address my sound, my voice with words“, reveals Delay’s dilemma and blessing:  sound is his one true medium of expression.  Like „Anima“, „Naima“ is a lukewarm, gelatinous pool where innocuous sound bits buoy and sink, seemingly at random.  There are passages where the music lies dormant and just her voice remains, unaffected or folded into the mix, or vice versa, the music by itself sometimes trailing off into silence.  Everything fluctuates between linear and non-linear movement, subliminal melodies and rhythms arise then disappear, music and words become simply music.  Beautiful, simply beautiful.  And that is why Onnekas remains my favorite contemporary electronic musician …“ (http://www.brainwashed.com/weddle/reviews/naima.html)

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