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Cabaret Voltaire – The Conversation (1994)

„The most abstract of the three Cabaret Voltaire albums released by Plastex/Instinct, The Conversation has the occasional flair of a film soundtrack, especially considering its two-hour sprawl across a double-disc set (the second of which features just one hour-long track). For the most part, however, most tracks just update previous albums Plasticity and International Language, though several feature darker textures more akin to early-’80s CV output.“  (

Cabaret Voltaire – International Language (1993)

„International Language tones down the few Chicago house elements which had creeped into Plasticity, replacing them with sublime acid-electro, tribal elements on several tracks, and the same emphasis on samples which occasionally distorts the value of the underlying music. Though the melodies and chord progressions sometimes verge on the obvious, International Language is a worthy addition to CV’s mammoth discography.“ (,,201562,00.html)
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