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Arbol – Arbol (2002)

„Arbol is a new project from ex Piano Magic member Miguel Marin. Since leaving the band in early 2002, Marin has scored several multimedia works and shorts films including working with renowned Spanish film director Bigas Luna.

This record is his first solo album. This collection of 13 songs (all published by rykomusic td/rocketgirl music) was recorded between 2001/02 at his home studio in north London and is released on the new London based electronic label „Indus Sonica“, which is marketed by Rocket Girl.

Using samplers and other electronic instruments mixed with acoustic elements, Marin creates evocative soundtracks to images that only appear in the back of your mind. Fragments of melody drift through soundscapes of fragile beats taking the listener on a journey of melancholic elegance.

Arbol’s album contains contributions from Suzy Mangion of Manchester band „George“ on vocals, James Topham on viola, Paul Tornbohm on bass and John Cheves on melodica.“ (