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AFX – Analogue Bubblebath 4 (1994)


„Sometimes it seems like Richard James is challenging his loyal fans to see if they’ll keep listening. He throws down a gauntlet of sound, which is usually very hard on the ear, and waits for a reaction. The elephant song at the beginning of this ep is a perfect example. 8 minutes of a pounding beat interspersed with what sounds like an elephant noise. if this was the first thing you heard on a cd would you keep listening? RDJ fans around the world say, „Yes, we will keep listening Richard, because we know what you’re capable of.“ And I must confess I am one of those fans. The second track is a perfect complement to the elephant song. gentle beat with bird sounds (or whatever). The cd finishes with an excerpt from an Evel Knievel interview which is downright hilarious. Conclusion: worth the price of admission for those who know what to expect from Richard James.“ (

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