SND – Tender Love (2002)

„17 tracks wide, no track titles, no mistakes, nothing but the good stuff. Inspecting the ‘less is more’ aesthetic and proving that sound analysis and precise rhythm construction do not have to mean heartless analyticism, Mat and Mark have taken the formula one step further and have produced a third album that must surely count as their best work to date. Diving straight into the CD – track 4 – and you’ll discover that the micro-beat has been mutated into what you must deliciously call micro-2 step! The groove is delicious, precise sparkling keys and a sharp allignment of clicks and bass kicks that will ensure that even the most bearded Wire reader will stop analysing and will start to shuffle. Devestating stuff. Following on from there – the reduced aesthetic mutated once again – strictly controlled components – lots of delicate unravelling and heart-moving tones, always placing the rhythmic at the forefront and giving those nice people in Cologne and Montreal something to think about with a template for the future of all things Micro. It’s hard to think of any artists working within the electronic field that have managed to create a sound of their own so thoroughly – concluding that despite relentless efforts from a host of admirers, nothing has ever really managed to sound quite like this, and nothing ever will. Fabulous.“ (

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