Sade – Love Deluxe (1992, remastered 2000)


„Again, here is an album where the atmosphere means a lot to the whole picture. „Love Deluxe“ is filled with haunting melodies carried by Sade Adu’s sweet and delicate voice. It’s all very laid back in its own fashion and some people find Sade relatively boring to listen to. Well, I guess you need to give their music the attention it needs to fully reach its potential. Some of the earlier albums by Sade may have been even more laid back, since „Love Deluxe“ is more light in its arrangements and instrumentation. You get the magnificent „No Ordinary Love“ and the chilling „Kiss Of Life“ as some of the highlights of the album. „Diamond Life“ may still be the most critically acclaimed Sade album, but „Love Deluxe“ beats it with a less introvert appeal.“ (

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