Phillip Boa – Deep In Velvet Remixes (1995) (MCD)

„I have been a Boa-fan for quite some time (’93 to ’98) and i really liked the old stuff from 1985 until 1991 and most of the things the Voodooclub did till 1998, but i must admit that most of the remixes on this release have worn out quite a bit.
So if you need any justification to own this release it’s the LFO-Mix. It’s one of those stompers Mark Bell is talented to produce. One simple bassline, nice filters on the drums and some hypnotising samples from the vocals by Pia Lund.
Another reason to get this would be the Aphex Twin remix if you don’t already own the 26 Mixes for cash.“ (

Die wohl komplette Discografie von Phillip Boa bei Discogs

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