Muslimgauze – Your Mines In Kabul (3CD) (2000)

„With this CDs, Muslimgauze was still and totally into Arabian music, but the sounds used here are more distorted and looped that on some of his later recordings. The drums, clearly acoustic, are treated and the rhythms are very repetitive. Some tracks could very well be played in clubs, since they tempo and loops would fit very well any industrial playlist (and show why Bryan Jones has collaborated with Sonar on a record). The melodic passages are in the background and less present than on „Sufiq“. They are sliced, slightly echoed, and add to the industrial touch of „Your Mines in Kabul“. The structures of the song seem slightly less Arabic than on other release, at least the repetition of rhythmic loops intertwined with breaks and very fast beats sounds more occidental to me.

Otherwise, this is a „normal“ Muslimgauze album. The atmosphere is still the same, focused entirely on Middle Eastern percussions, patterns and themas. Some strange vocals are added on some songs, for on example on the pair „Gujarati Translator“ / „Translator of Gujarati“. Finally, the third CD is a 30 minute remix of „Lahore“, fast, hypnotic and catchy.

Any Muslimgauze fans will be sent to Heaven by „Your Mines in Kabul“. All the tracks are good, and you have plenty of them to listen to. Another proof the incredible productivity of Bryn Jones, and another very enjoyable record.“ (

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