Muslimgauze – Lahore And Marseille (1998)

„Following three CDs just released by Staalplaat and preceding an onslaught of domestic CDs comes „Lahore & Marseille“, a limited edition double compact disc single. Why make two CD singles and put them together in the same package? Indeed, why not just put all the material on one CD and be done with it? The answer is all to clear as soon as you hear the music, and Muslimgauze had the right idea when it was suggested that these songs were too powerful to put together one disc. This is music that demands that you fiddle with the CD player and go through the ordeal of opening it inserting the little silver discs one at a time. We think you’ll agree that each disc should be heard by itself. Packed in an attractive gatefold cardboard cover, this set is limited to 900 copies only. Both CDs are full sized; they are not 3 inch mini-CDs so no special adapters are needed to play them.“ (

„‚Lahore‘ is a single, 17 minute piece, featuring a haunting wind solo under a long hand drum-loop which occasionally falls out of step and slightly distorts. Underpinning it all is a buzzing crackle. After 10 minutes the flute drops out and distorting and phasing the loop slightly becomes the aim of the game. A prime example of the attraction of Muslimgauze and the object of detractors. Not a huge amount happens in ‚Lahore‘ – the beat doesn’t change, there are not big events – but the subtle changes, the gradual drifts and the base certainty lead to a trancelike reverie. Boredom to some, enthralling to others. ‚Marseille‘ has three tracks – the first, longest one is in the ‚crunchy‘ vein, crackling, fast drum’n’bassish percussion with voice samples underneath, the other two tracks are more relaxed pieces, the pace slowing with each piece. Number two features a string instrument (zither? picked guitar-like instrument) solo and a chukachukachuka loop which occasionally crackles, the third combining a nice rubberybass drum with a ticktock rhythm loop and a descending string motif which appears now and then, typical talking going on in the background.“ (

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