Muslimgauze – Fedayeen (MP3 1998 / CD 2000)

„With ‚Fedayeen‘ you get a full length album, with 8 varied tracks (7 really as one is a few seconds long). There are a couple of rapid fire drum’n’bass type rhythm loops, ‚Mustafas cassette market Marrakesh‘ featuring voices deep in the mix and ‚Aziz al Mufarr‘ has metallic phasing. ‚Abu salim Tripolk‘ is a slower drifting piece, as is ‚Murzuk‘. ‚Bharboo of Pakistan railways‘ and ‚Fraca, over and near‘ are looping pieces with irregular burst and clicks. The final track is an intriguing cut and paste of various samples from radio and records ‚Old Arab record, not on compact disc‘.“

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