Múm – Dusk Log EP (2004)


„Back in stock. ‚Dusk Log‘ features three brand new exclusives from Múm recorded at the same time as the ‚Summer Make Good‘ album. The first track is there most dynamic track ever, ‚Kostrzyn‘ employs the straighter electronic elements that were evident on ‚Yesterday Was Dramatic‘ but throws an array of horns, strings and other musical crescendo’s into the mix – an amazing piece of music. ‚This Nothing Blowing In The Faraway‘ is far more like the Múm, a reflective gem featuring brushed drums, bleep harmonics, quivering static and Kristin’s original girl lost vocals. ‚Boots Of Fog‘ at 4 1/2 minutes packs in as many elements and moods that other bands would find impossible to replicate, this time a harmonium is used to flesh out the musical landscape. Also featured is the title track from ‚Summer Make Good‘. A perfect Múm Ep all told. Essential.“ (http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=14935)

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