Monolake – Hongkong (1997)

„Hongkong compiles some of Monolake’s most striking works that had previously been released on vinyl exclusively. There may not be any purer examples of this influential German duo’s sound than the opening track of the album, the mammoth „Cyan.“ Integrating strange, animalistic noises from a distant invisible jungle with a cushioned, thumping bassline, delicately tapping percussion, and occasional high-frequency synthesized notes, Monolake’s tone blends dubbed organic serenity with computerized harmony. With most of the tracks lasting upward of ten minutes, this compilation may be too enveloping for some listeners while also being absolutely blissful for others. It ends with two tracks from Monolake’s release on the Din label, and also the previously unreleased „Mass Transit Railway.“ Not nearly as epic or as cinematic as the other tracks, these final three still incorporate strange samples, such as waves crashing on the side of a boat and a montage of Asian voices. These peculiarities only figure into the first minute or so of each respective track before Monolake move toward the disoriented style of minimal, monotone dub-techno of the Basic Channel label. A seminal release overall, Hongkong is one of those true touchstones amid ’90s techno, an era of a myriad seemingly innovative yet ultimately interchangeable releases, few of which are this inspired and this visionary, very few.“ (Quelle:,,333323,00.html)

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