Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome To The Pleasure Dome (1984)

„Welcome of the Pleasuredome“ is certainly one of those decade-defining classics. It is an updated, 80’s style version of the greatest of great concept albums. The bizarre, intriguing mix of sound-poems like „the world is my oyster“ or „welcome to the pleasure dome“ and very unusual cover versions of songs like „the way to san Jose“ and even „born to run“ is all wrapped into one enormous, engulfing sound experience. The mixing and orchestration of the album is absolutely amazing and Frankie’s lead voice Holly Johnson was at the peak of his power, forget his later efforts, this is the real thing. Since its transfer from album to CD format the music is a seamless flow, and the quality of the digital mastering is outstanding. No collection of 80s music is complete without this.“ (Quelle:

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