Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF) – Für Immer (1982)


„This can be considered as the 3rd part of the duo’s trilogy and maybe their best one; ‚Für immer“s title is not casual, and puts a full stop of a band which if not brilliantly, efficiently put the bases for what was to come with bans such as F242, The Klinik or Dive. Almost every song is good on this album, but I’d claim that ‚Kebabtraume‘, ‚Prinzessin‘ or ‚Die götter sind weiss‘ are remarkable examples of what this band implied. They’re not as brilliant as Front 242, that’s true, but they did know what way the dark side of electronic music would follow, together with F242 or early Die Krupps; I recommend the whole trilogy as all 3 works complement each other and could have perfectly been a triple album; but if you have not listened to this band and want to do it, I would choose this one; DAF will remain in my heart and mind forever.“ (Quelle:
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